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Where did the time go?

I’ve been trying to look back at what has happened since the year started and it feels that time just passed me by. I vaguely remember what happened yesterday let alone 6 months ago.  So today, I decided to take another stab at blogging. There are so many things to be thankful for and lessons to be learned and it is just fitting that each gets recorded on a little piece of cyberspace.  I don’t know how I would be able to squeeze it in my overbooked calendar. But hey,when something matters, I’ve got to find time to do it.

Today, I was reading Nicholas Zakas’ thoughts on leaving Yahoo. And I just find it remarkable that even though he is already stable and secure, he still moved outside his comfort zone in pursuit of something bigger. I wish I had the heart to take risks. These days, I am just too afraid to make mistakes.  The last thing I want to happen is to see my family suffer from my selfish choices. I fear that I would make wrong decisions that would have a lasting impact on them, especially the kids.  On the same token, I also ask myself whether what I am doing right now is the best for us. The truth is, I don’t see any growth in my so-called career and I cannot count how many times I’ve contemplated resigning from my job. I thought about going back as a regular employee, but I get queasy when I think about my kids spending the day in daycare. I was also toying with the idea of doing freelance work, but steady stream of income is important to keep up with our expenses.

I’m stuck.

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